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Tokyo PC Users Group

Year 2000 Problem

AV Engineering

Thursday, July 3rd, 7PM at The Tokyo Union Church

The next TPC meeting will feature a presentation by Norman Sess of AV Engineering on the "Millenium Bug." You'll hear what the bug is, the scope of the problem, cost projections for fixing it, some solutions and methods, and some of the legal considerations surrounding the problem. You should also find out about some of the major players in the corrective efforts and the areas they are working in.

Hear some of the inside stories behind the Y2K problem at the July TPC meeting!

When and Where?

Tokyo PC Users Group meetings are held at 7 PM on the first Thursday of every month. Public holidays cause meetings to be rescheduled for the following Thursday. The meetings are held in the basement of The Tokyo Union Church on Omotesando Dori, a short walk from the Omotesando subway station on the Ginza and Hanzomon Lines.

What's Next?

What Have You Missed?

Our thanks to Naomi Nakayama of Bricks Corporation for describing how to go about using ISDN during the June meeting.

Ken Cotton maintains a brief outline of some past meetings, including links to find out more information.

And of course thanks to Mr. Akihabara, Sigi Rindler, for the latest in his series of Akihabara Shopping/Walking Tours.

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